With a typical lead-time of up to 18 weeks for the development and production of a new orbespoke fastener, STANLEY®Engineered Fastening's rapid prototyping service can cut this time in half (usually 8 weeks) for many of our most popularAvdel®POP®fasteners, allowing engineers to prove a design before going to full production — saving time and costs associated with a production run of new, untested fasteners.

machining threaded fastener

When you design a product that requires customized fasteners, STANLEY Engineered Fastening brings the innovation that allows our customers to meet the demands of the modern world, while overcoming complex engineering and operational challenges.

What is Fastener Rapid Prototyping?

快速原型箴言ides a cost-effective means of quickly testing production quality samples, enabling real-world decisions to be made before mass production. Due to our extraordinarily broad product portfolio, we often have products immediately available to perform the first functional builds within a few days. "These preliminary tests often result in only minor, i.e. quickly feasible adjustments to the fastener," says Stefan Schneider, Director, Global Product Line Management-Automotive/Blind Fastening. "We never start from scratch." We stock blanks in a wide variety of styles and sizes that can be customized depending on your needs. In addition to our large inventory of options, we have the ability to design customized fasteners just in case your project ends up needing something more precise.

STANLEY Engineered Fastening是市场领先的固定解决方案制造商,适用于各种紧固应用,为航空航天,汽车,地面运输,采矿和农业,国防,电子等行业提供定制解决方案。我们的应用团队拥有数十年的经验,因此我们有巨大的职业技术,我们可以在每个案例中访问。“我们的专家还可以提供现场支持。我们很乐意评估申请和制造过程,并与您讨论愿望新金沙注册开户官网和挑战。这就是我们如何减少解决方案的时间。”施耐德说。


—Angus Seewraj 斯坦利®工程师的主任,工程紧固新金沙官网


  • 定制几何形状
  • Non-standard sizes
  • 密封珠子
  • Washers
  • 替代涂料
  • Surface finishes


rapid prototyping timeline"Rapid Prototyping has become an integral part of our product development process, providing production-quality fastener samples to our customers. We rely on CNC machinery to dramatically reduce lead times, improving customer satisfaction and win rates," states Director of Engineering Angus Seewraj. "Specially sourced metals are machined and processed to provide prototype parts with placing characteristics almost identical to the final mass-produced fasteners. We have a network of specialist external machining and processing sources who are able to quickly deliver us quality prototype parts direct from our CAD files.”

我们的商品组合非常广泛,我们的经验数十年,我们的现场支持和紧固件模拟......这是我们如何降低客户的研发时间和努力。新金沙注册开户官网 -Stefan Schneider. Director, Global Product Line Management, Automotive/Blind Fastening, STANLEY® Engineered Fastening